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Lorenza the Label is a hand made, individually crafted, made to order fashion label based in Melbourne. Using bespoke fabrics and high quality notions, every piece is cut, sewn and hand finished by Lorenza herself.

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Blog about dressmaking and sewing in the life of Lorenza.

Blog 1.2 - Why I'm not making my wedding dress

lorenza thelabel

I'm not sewing my own wedding dress. There, I've said it. I've been asked countless times since getting engaged last November and it's probably the top asked question followed shortly by "But why not?". My strongest feeling towards this is "Because I don't want to!". This is the one time in my life I can pay for a beautifully crafted gown that I didn't spend hours, days and weeks agonizing, sweating and having panic attacks over. When you make something you know everything wrong with it; where you unpicked it, where that thread pulled, where it doesn't fit quite right and when you should have made anther bodice. You know every dart, stitch and rolled hem of that garment and it's there needling you with it's smug layers of guilt chiffon perfectionism. 

I don't want that on my wedding day.

I want to wear a dress I don't know where the mistakes are, I don't know how many hours it took to make. But I do know it's the most beautiful dress I've ever worn because when I tried it on I knew it was the dress I wanted to get married in.