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Lorenza the Label is a hand made, individually crafted, made to order fashion label based in Melbourne. Using bespoke fabrics and high quality notions, every piece is cut, sewn and hand finished by Lorenza herself.

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Blog about dressmaking and sewing in the life of Lorenza.

Blog 1.0 - White wedding tunic

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A white wedding tunic.. No! not for my wedding. And I wouldn't dare wear white to someone else's. What I'm making is a 'sample' tunic in the lovely shade of white with a binding contrast in yes again white, with some odd looking silk. Well I'd prefer to call it fake looking silk as it has this shimmery look to it that is only good for samples or those late nineties shiny jackets I adored. I hope some of you read my previous blogs and know where my sarcasm button is.

If this pattern works I'll likely make it for a friends wedding early next year in grey or black. Actually the friend whose wedding it is, is my blonde twin on my website. I can't wait to see her walk down the aisle! 

The pattern is a Cynthia Rowley: Simplicity and I'm making the 'tunic'.

Sew how did it go?
First off the binding measurements on the pattern are wrong, like super wrong. It explains how to make your own binding a whole 5 metres of it when you only need about 2. So after painstakingly making the binding I turned it into an edging instead and was happy with the way it finished off the tunic's hem mind you nothing like the pattern suggested I should.

Unfortunately the finished product looks more like an apron, even when tried on with skirts, skinny jeans or clown pants. I think the tunic ending at my hips being the widest part of my body is what makes it so super unflattering. From the side it looks great with such a small waist but that's where the greatness ends. Sorry Simplicity but this one's going to the scrap pile.

P.S. That big water spot and black marks on the front of the tunic were from helping Mr J lift his bike off the top of his car. White fabric and mountain bikes aren't a good mix!